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Viruses, Hoaxes, Jokes, & Myths

Since the dawn of the Internet, there has been a great deal of concern about computer viruses, hoaxes, and the “same old email jokes going around in new versions.”

PLEASE NOTE: Some of the viruses ARE very real. Some are just annoying, some are hoaxes.

Click here for a summary of this years gullibility test ...

Many of the jokes ask or ‘require’ you to send them onto all of your friends in order to bring ‘good luck.’ If you think about it … having you manually forward a joke or poem or ‘good thought’ to ALL of your friends is EXACTLY what many of the most malicious viruses do without your knowledge … They go to your address book and forward a copy of the virus to ALL of your friends! Choking the internet and your inbox with lots of unwanted mail, otherwise known as SPAM.

Please take a moment to check out the list of resources below.

Next time someone sends you an emergency political alert, a joke, a request for money, a magic potion, or a get rich quick scheme … PLEASE take a look at the following web sites BEFORE you open the attachment or BEFORE you forward the email to ALL of your friends.

You will probably be doing everyone in the online community a favor AND you will probably bring more good luck to yourself and to your friends by helping everyone to practice Safe-Computing!

REMEMBER … it only takes one mistake!

Thank you. ... the truth about computer security hysteria. (This is my favorite of the hoax, virus, and myth sites) ...your Email Reality Check! Check out rumors, inspirational stories, virus warnings, humorous tales, pleas for help, urban legends, prayer requests and calls to action to see if they are TRUTH! or FICTION! ...Urban Legends and Folklore. (This is my favorite for Urban Legends … like the alligators in the NYC sewer system, &c.) (Virus Busters at the University of Michigan) (the people who bring you Norton Anti-Virus)

CIAC Internet Hoaxes Internet Hoax and Chain Letters etc. (U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Cyber Security)

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